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The following are just a few examples to illustrate the breadth of projects I've created and managed.

Explainer Videos

portfolio video image_edited.jpg

Replenium's Auto Replenishment Platform was a new concept in the industry and required a benefits explanation that could be easily understood and shared. I managed the strategy, script writing, and art direction for a series of explainer videos directed to different buyer audiences.

Media Relations

Earned media goes well beyond writing an effective press release. Here's a writing and coverage example for startup client Planted Materials.

portfolio media coverage example .png
whitepaper writing sample portfolio.png

Content Strategy

Both short and long-form content in various forms are necessary to inform and persuade buyer audiences. This whitepaper example addresses the answers to Replenium's specific buyer decision questions (BDQs) and concerns. 

Strategic Campaigns

In the aerospace electronics industry, reliability is paramount. To spotlight and generate widespread awareness of VPT's proven reliability, I developed a #VPTonboard campaign that incorporated client success stories, social media posts/digital ads, and sales enablement materials to affiliate successful and newsworthy space programs with VPT's brand. 

vptonboard exmaple portfolio.png
Naming Collage - portfolio.png


Solid branding begins with naming that is communicative and memorable. This image highlights a few of the many company, product, and services naming projects I've managed. 

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